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Department of Justice will institute a new policy establishing "a presumption" that U. attorneys and federal agents will electronically record statements made by individuals in their custody. Requiring recorded interrogation is now the norm, rather than the exception across much of the U.But some states, including New York, still lag behind. Scientific and technological advances in the last two decades have revolutionized society, and the law enforcement and criminal justice arenas are no exceptions.We also want to thank Bill Thompson, AP-LS Chair of the Scientific Review Committee, not only for his useful comments but for his invaluable support and advice throughout the process. S.: at least 20 states and the District of Columbia already require videotaping custodial interrogations.New York State should require recording of interrogations for two very simple reasons. It's a valuable tool to substantiate correct convictions, and minimize wrongful convictions.This can help enhance communities' faith in police and the criminal justice process.Current New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and New York City Police Department Commissioner William Bratton should build on their predecessors' efforts.But what's really needed to realize these benefits is a little courage from legislators in Albany.

Mandating recording for all crimes would go a long way toward improving justice in New York.Drawing on police practices, laws concerning the admissibility of confession evidence, core principles of psychology, and forensic studies involving multiple methodologies, this White Paper summarizes what is known about police-induced confessions.In this review, we identify suspect characteristics (e.g., adolescence; intellectual disability; mental illness; and certain personality traits), interrogation tactics (e.g., excessive interrogation time; presentations of false evidence; and minimization), and the phenomenology of innocence (e.g., the tendency to waive rights) that influence confessions as well as their effects on judges and juries.This article concludes with a strong recommendation for the mandatory electronic recording of interrogations and considers other possibilities for the reform of interrogation practices and the protection of vulnerable suspect populations.For their helpful comments on earlier drafts of this manuscript, the authors are indebted to Ray Bull, Michael Lamb, Dan Lassiter, Timothy Moore, Edward Mulvey, Richard Petty, Daniel Schacter, Laurence Steinberg, Gary Wells, and two anonymous reviewers.

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