Liquidating assets before divorce

To the extent possible, gather all the documents you’ll need for your case filing for divorce.

If you and your spouse have a shared file of paper records in your home, make copies of everything before meeting with your attorney.

If your divorce is likely to be messy or deals with specific types of assets, be sure your attorney is qualified to handle your particular case.

Attorneys come at different price points and experience levels.

While it’s not appropriate to drain the bank accounts before filing for divorce (as that can come back to bite you), if you have a legitimate sale or purchase that’s been in the works, it’s best to complete it before filing for divorce. Decide what your goals are for your living situation, both during and after the divorce.

Do you want to stay in the same house with your spouse during the divorce? How you behave in the weeks and months leading up to your divorce can affect your chances of winning use of the marital residence during the divorce.

Save yourself potential future headaches by getting your hands on the documents ahead of time.

If you have children, their custody situation is probably at the forefront of your mind when getting a divorce.

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Make sure you’ve exhausted all hope of reconciliation before you file for divorce.

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