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These determinants were mainly human capital (education, household size and dependency ratio), household income and district in which the households were situated.

The findings indicated that policy priorities should be focused on the promotion of rural education and creating an enabling environment for the rural labour market.

This definition comprises four key dimensions of food supplies: availability, stability, accessibility, and utilization.

A food system is vulnerable when one or more of the four components of food security are uncertain and insecure (FAO A two-stage stratified approach with quota sampling was used to collect data among households in July/August 2011.

Next to the IFSS, the South African government has recently started two other programmes to increase food security within its population.

In order to achieve this objective it is crucial to achieve household food security.

From each of the five municipal districts of the Province, two municipalities were selected, based on cost and the location of the municipality (see Table ).

Within each municipality 60 households were surveyed, totalling 600 households (one household was dropped from the analysis).

Hence the effect of policy measures towards reducing poverty and food insecurity, and establishing the link between poverty, incomes and food security is still unclear in areas that were disadvantaged during the apartheid era, making policy targeting difficult.

Food security is multidimensional in nature and that makes accurate measurement and policy targeting quite challenging.

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