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Kyle, who is in a relationship with model Imogen Anthony, went on to reveal that he knew who had stolen from his mate, Sophie, 37."I know exactly who it is, who has taken (it) upon themselves to think they can take what they like," he said, live on air.

"Hers would have been into the hundreds of thousands for someone like her - mine ran into the millions.

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A few career highlights include; lunch with Kim Cattrall, interviewing Naomi Watts and swapping make-up tips with Margot Robbie on the red carpet.But on live radio on Monday morning, Kyle Sandilands offered a much more raw account of why Monk’s relationship ended.“I was talking to her before Christmas and I knew, you knew it was tough…they weren’t getting on that great,” Kyle began.“She told me she’s given it a red-hot crack, he’s a nice guy.Rumours swirled that Tiffany Wood's desire to pursue a solo music career was to blame for the group's split at the height of their success.But another member of the group - Sally Polihronas - revealed she had "wanted out" of the group "for a long time".

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