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Not tolerating injustice and standing to her rights; Shin Mi Rae presents to Jo Gook a potential politician.

She just cannot die before she kills the devil with her own hands.There were some great moments where she absolutely shone but otherwise – for me personally as a hardcore fan - she failed to impress. Kim Sun Ah plays Shin Mi Rae who is the queen of part-time jobs and a low-ranking clerk whose only job is to make coffee for the other employees.I started the drama with great expectations and finished it with a greater disappointment. As her path crosses the genius and ambitious politician, Jo Gook (Cha Seung Won), the inner dreamer surfaces.They make my favourite couple of all ro-comedies of all time. Kim Sun Ah’s performance in this film took some beating. Kim Sun Ah plays Detective Chun Jae In who has to go undercover as a high school student. But nothing can possibly stop the invincible Chun Jae In from achieving it all. The way she talked back to her superiors was so adorable.And her romance with Gong Yoo completed the awesome role.

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