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They treasure what they have gained from working so hard.Finally, Charmaine gave her feedback on this issue.Speaking to him about his ex-love Charmaine Sheah finding new love and Niki Chow is also dating someone from Mainland China, Kevin who is still single gives them his best wishes. The title is very misleading, Kevin never mentioned about breaking up nor he admits dating anyone.

"In my past relationships, I only start a new relationship after I have ended the first one. Asked about his relationship with Charmaine, Kevin stressed that they are not dating.

After Kevin and Charmaine's rumors spread, [Burning Flame 3] crew member divulged that Kevin often make calls and SMS, looking very anxious and seemingly trying to patch up with Niki.

On the other hand, Niki seems to be weary and lost appetite to eat.

I also know that they don't have girlfriend." When asked if she will avoid meeting them, Charmaine indicate that she won't and praised both of them: "They are really good guys.

Ron keep things to himself and doesn't reply (to the reporter) most of the time, therefore he kept being accused.

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