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Now, roughly five years of post-college dating has got me rethinking that original conviction—specifically, the five years of seeing the same guy show up on Jswipe, then Bumble with a little purple Jewish star icon to indicate on this secular dating app that he’s NJB (Nice Jewish Boy), and that same guy messaging, scheduling a drink, and then flaking, sometimes trying to reschedule in a half-assed way, sometimes not.I don’t mean to imply that such frustrating dating experiences are exclusive to courtship within the Jewish pool.“I took it as, ‘Okay, I got my grandma’s stamp of approval.’”Golin’s story is an inspiring one.Yet, at the same time, it also reminded me of some of my friends who have not so-distant cousins who perished in the Holocaust; two generations later and an intermarriage or two along the way, they do not think of themselves as Jewish at all.All these factors put the pressure on people not to be part of a religious community.Their lives are so transient.”If your religion isn’t playing a significant (or any) role in your social life, it doesn’t necessarily make sense that the romantic partner you pick at this time would share your religion.If you’re judging people for their race, their religion, or or their socioeconomic status, you’re the worse for it—except when it comes to who you marry.I felt that was a very hypocritical message growing up.”Golin said his family’s views on his marrying outside the Jewish faith had significantly changed by the time he walked down the aisle “Here’s a secret,” he told me with a laugh.

Paul Golin, the Executive Director of the Society for Humanistic Judaism and co-author of How to Raise Jewish Children Even When You’re Not Jewish Yourself spoke to me about his own experience marrying someone who wasn’t Jewish.Riley, herself, is Jewish and married a man who is not.I asked her if intermarrying tended to increase when, like me or Sex and the City’s Charlotte, we get older and, to be frank, we’re tired of the canceled drinks, the last-minute dates, the frustration.“I definitely found that the older you are when you marry, the more likely you are to marry out,” Riley told me.Like myself, Golin was raised in the Conservative Judaism, so less observant than the more traditional Orthodox community but more so than Reform.“I grew up with messaging from my parents, my rabbi, and my community that I should only be with Jewish women.My mother was born in a displaced person’s camp in Berlin right after the war because her parents lost their homes in the Holocaust.

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