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Blaire Ivory was sitting with dirty shoes on the bed downloading stuff on her computer. After she took off her shoes he noticed her nipples perking through her green shirt. Meet Kira, she's all that stuff I just wrote and more.Normally I talk to the girls for 5 -10 minutes or so while we drive and I get into their sexual history and turn ons etc., but Kira's interview goes on for more than double that and then some.There were tons of sexy college girls everywhere dressed in next to nothing, and we watched as a parade of these ravers came out of the party when it ended.They were hanging around the parking area keeping the party going. Over in a corner we could see a hot college chick sucking off a dude dressed in a blue suit.

In summary: If Yasmine's incredible video doesn't get you off as many times as she does, I have no hope for you.

This girl was a firecracker and only fucked harder when she knew people were watching and cheering them on.

He unloaded on that pussy, as he pounded it hard on the hood of a car, and her huge tits bounced up and down.

and you really just need to fucking watch it right now. Once that's out of the way, wipe off and then enjoy the rest of Yasmine from the beginning.

If you're like me, you'll cum again when Yasmine tells us about her gangbangs and one night stands (and oddly contrarian confession about wanting to get into porn in order to become an even more experienced fuck toy!

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