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Dating in Italy can be difficult for a foreign woman.Why is it that men have less respect for foreign women, and not just in Italy?She eventually did catch one, and is living, last I heard, as his wife in Boston.I've met others who forged loving relationships with Italian women who wanted desperately to leave Italy behind and to move to a country where they could use their education to earn a decent living, and where they didn't feel they had to play a part with the man they loved.The poets Elizabeth and Robert Browning were famous Italophiles.I describe them and some of their work on a page dedicated to them.Why is it that most see them as a sport to enjoy while looking for the local woman to mother their children?

Many openly state for all to hear, their contempt for traditional Italian men who expect them to be their second mother, which often means being the couple's housekeeper, cook, baby-maker and bottle-washer.

As for foreign men's experiences with Italian women?

I'm a woman, so what I can say comes from what foreign men have told me.

That was because I never met a man without a woman he was promised to marry.

I learned later that many men tried to keep a woman in reserve, in case all their messing around turned up nothing better.

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Their first impression is generally that Italian women seem to take great care in their appearance, and dress sexily.

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