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Maybe part of the reason is he got his success so fast that he thinks everything is simple. They were pressed and crushed but the extract was beautiful. Only in pain we will realize that there are beautiful and wonderful things happen. There were forgivable and irrational scenes but my overall watching experience is sufficient to love this show.

He doesn’t treat his employees and even the board of directors with respect. Only in pain we will find out who will stay and remain. Now, the post-withdrawal syndrome will heavily starts now.

I’ve been too occupied and bombarded myself with so many K-dramas that I feel like I just need to take a short break. The first thing I thought of is that, why does Asahina (girl) have a freaking two kiss scenes with Hyuga while with Natsui, I have to wait for 10 episodes for it to happen!! But then kidding aside, I love the built-up of relationship between our two leads. I think that was a good foundation of a relationship.

I don’t even know if I can coherently express the love that I felt for this drama. (By this time I’m having a hard time formulating words so just bear with me) Romance Okay… They saw each other flaws first before seeing the beauty inside them.

She became his strength and constant reminder that everyone may abandon you but there will always be one person who will believe and trust you.

There will be one person to accept your weakness and help you arise in the downfall. She has become a woman who is willing to stand on her own. The kind who has a potential to be something great but then choose to be the bad one because they’ve been eaten up by their desire to be the best.

Moreover, the two were reported to be leaving Japan on October 19 2016 and they went back after two nights.She doesn’t want to stay like that and has a desire to grow as a person. Asahina Kosuke I don’t want this post to be lengthy but I just want to talk about this character. They’ve been eaten up by insecurity, jealousy, self-pity to the point wherein they’ll do worst just so they can prove themselves. (I always think of Anakin Skywalker as an example to this kind of character). His dynamic with Hyuga led them to make Next Innovation a top company.Hyuga taught her to dream big, to make a difference and to be a world-changer. I love their dynamics and their sizzling chemistry. It’s because of the TWO of them why they managed to be successful. So I just feel so sad especially in the latter episodes because it’s not just Hyuga who fail; he, himself, crumbles. It was a good thing to see him back on track at the end. At the end, I’m happy he got himself back and continue life.In 2016, she won Best Actress at the Television Drama Academy Awards for her role in 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan. I actually have a thing for personal growth in every drama that I watched. I love how everything went downhill with the characters. She managed to let Hyuga out of the zone that he knows and show him that there is a different world aside from what he knows.

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  1. First of all, I want more time with him (more than once a week); I understand that he wants to be very cautious about bringing people into his son’s life, and that means there’s less time for he and I to spend together.