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The charges proved baseless and Schwacke continued to serve until being unseated in the Republican primary.Looking back, Schwacke says some good did come out of it — his freedom.

While many in the Democratic Party have reveled at the scandalous exit of Sen.

Is it the latest grasp for the light switch in South Carolina's powerful political closet?

Or the inevitable labeling of "closet-clinging self-hater" that befalls any content bachelor?

"I probably was not going to come out voluntarily," he says.

"At least not with that kind of timing." Considering the state's recent same-sex marriage ban, gay politicians see good reason to stay in the closet, says Truman Smith, president of the South Carolina Log Cabin Republicans.

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"They just don't have integrity." Fortunately for them, what they do have is a gay community content with leaving the rumors for cocktail hour chatter and not front page scandal. "People have a right to deal with this in their own time." He has also let opportunities go by when he could have challenged these officials about their sexuality.

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