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There are few things as rewarding as being allowed a glimpse inside an INTJ’s brain, which, chances are, includes a lot of thoughts on how the world could be run better (by them), plus a couple dozen plans for future projects.

If you’ve got your eye on an INTJ, what probably hooked you was the fascinating conversation (INTJs tend to be extremely well-read, knowledgeable and incisive, making them very fun to talk to), their unique and visionary outlook, and their decidedly mysterious nature. INTJs occupy an interesting cross-section of personality traits: They love learning new things and exploring, but they also hate surprises, being surprised and anything surprising.

Your instinct might be to assume they know exactly how they’re feeling and are simply refusing to voice it, or that they’re hiding something.

But almost always, they simply don’t have their statement thought out yet and it feels impossible to talk about things that are difficult or personal to INTJs without preparation.

If an INTJ tells you a secret, take it to your grave, because privacy is pretty much an INTJ’s favorite thing.

For this reason, INTJs also make some of the most solid confidantes on Earth: Their tight-lipped privacy policy will cover your secrets, too.

Without much to go off in terms of verbal affirmation, you may be wondering, how do I even know if my INTJ likes me?

The answer is they probably like you a great deal if they’re bothering to interact with you in the first place.

Of all the Myers-Briggs personality types, INTJs might be some of the easiest to spot.

What those four words boil down is basically: This type draws energy from being alone, they much prefer big-picture and future-oriented thinking to getting bogged down in boring details, they don’t necessarily depend on their feelings for game-time decisions and may prefer just looking at what “makes sense,” and they’re all about structure and planning over improvisation.

Contrary to popular belief, the big T “Thinking” in this type (as opposed to F for “Feeling”) doesn’t mean INTJs don’t have emotions; it just means they might not be as in touch with them as other types and may not be well practiced in relying on (or even checking in with) their feelings on short notice.

Self-sufficient internal processors who treasure their independence and personal space, this type can get a lot of flack (from me) for being cold and rigid.

However, the protective shell these hermit crabby types build around themselves also means that, when given, an INTJ’s trust makes an extremely rare and precious prize.

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So, you’ve got a relationship with an INTJ in your sights. INTJs can be hard nuts to crack but truly, where’s the fun in an easy nut? Having been in a friendship with an INTJ since the fifth grade, I’ve been brushing up against this particular quirk for most of my conscious life.

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