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DO trust your instinct Like most things in life, when it comes to safe online dating trust your instinct!It’s simple – if something feels wrong it probably is. DO tell someone you’re going to meet your internet date There’s no harm in telling a close friend or family member where and when you’re going on your internet date.Being surrounded by people means the chances of something bad happening are a lot slimmer.If the person you’re speaking to online seems reluctant to meet in a public place, this should already send some alarm bells ringing. DO beware of money requests Unfortunately most fraudulent activity when it comes to online dating is money related. Be aloof, come with a script, or try to play it cool.Dating sites like Elite Singles have made meeting people online much easier and it’s a truly effective way for individuals to find long-lasting relationships.

Amateur mistakes are plenty common; Twitter is chock-full of absolute horror stories. Whether it’s your first time down the block or you’re a seasoned veteran to the likes of swipe-based dating, these online dating dos and don’ts are right for you. We’re here to help you bag love at first (web)site.Dating sites expect a 37 percent hike in activity on Tuesday as staff return to work following the festive fun. Use a friend, family member or coach to help proof your profile. You will most likely need to write a “no thank you” email at some point. That’s a sure-fire way to miss a possible real connection.They can provide valuable feedback for content and point out typos and grammar errors as well. Don’t shave numbers off your age, try to stuff that body into a different body type classification, or give yourself a big, fat raise. Seriously, do you really want to make someone call you on it face to face? So before you even start your dating process, write up a few kind, short rejection emails and store them in a Word document. I’m Wendy Newman, a media-celebrated author & trusted dating, sex & relationship advisor.

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