Imran khan and sonam kapoor dating

While the two had been childhood friends because of being star kids, they had never thought of dating each other.

However, spark flew on the sets of Black and love blossomed when they began to shoot for their debut film Saawariya.

As a matter of fact, while promoting their debut films, rumours were aflot that the onscreen couple were passionately in love with each other in real life as well.

However, soon the dream of their sand castle was decimated after rumours of Ranbir Kapoor seeing Deepika Padikone started making rounds.

While shooting for Punit Malhotra-directed ‘I Hate Luv Storys’ in 2010 with actor Imran Khan, Sonam allegedly fell in love with the director itself.

From the clothes they’ll wear on the big day, to the invitation list and even the food items to be served at the reception party have been a matter of curiosity for fans.

Though, their love affair may have enchanted us enough to keep us focused on this fairy tale wedding.

When you think of the title of the film and what transpired on sets, the irony simply writes itself.

However, like most Bollywood couples, the two always maintained that they were “just good friends”.

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