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citizen and human rights activist, she is speaking and writing to raise awareness and to help other girls and women like her.

She was once arrested as she left a party in a cab; she sat in the front seat next to the driver because the back seat was full with her friends.

She hoped for a divorce and appealed to her father, who told her, “It’s your fault for your behavior.

Do your duty; you’ll be fine.” Cyrus was married just under a year-and-a-half when her grandmother, her mother’s mother, found a way to smuggle Cyrus out of Iran to Turkey.

Such gatherings are illegal, but many hold them in private homes hoping they will not be seen by or reported to the morality police.

After her arrest Cyrus was put in prison—not a prison for juveniles, but a prison with adults—as was everyone at the party.

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By the age of 14 she had been arrested 12 times and was subjected to 100 lashes. Cyrus was taken to a registry office for a short ceremony. We lived in a basement.” Looking back, Cyrus explained, “It took me a couple of months to allow myself to even think about my situation.

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