Hindu men dating white women

Families they are marrying into might require a crippling dowry from her family (even though dowries are now illegal) and sometimes young brides are killed by their new families for being "disobedient." There is an ancient tradition called sati in which women would throw themselves onto the funeral pyres of their husbands and burn alive.This was seen as such a beautiful devotion that sometimes girls have been forced into funeral pyres. Historically widows have been treated very poorly in society.They call her a slut for having five husbands (there's a story behind that, it was her destiny and had to happen that way).She argues that because her husband had already lost himself before staking her that she no longer belonged to him and could not be gambled away. "The king, presiding over this, says that it does not make a difference and she has been lost.I am learning how to do that because I'm dating a modern American man and my plans for an arranged marriage did not work out at all.But sometimes I feel guilt over not being better at the housework.One of the evil cousins comes over to strip off her clothes and she prays to Krishna. He pulls and pulls and pulls on the pallu and it just keeps going, never disrobing her.Soon he is in a mountain of cloth and she is still clothed. The king is so freaked that he tells her to choose a favor. The king does so and offers another favor, but she refuses.

Save my husbands."One cousin comments, "Husbands were drowning and Draupadi is the raft that saves them."(all quoted dialogue is from the translation in the Peter Brooks' Mahabharata).

As the brother became more and more involved in the game he was unable to stop wagering things and he staked and lost all of his brothers and himself and finally their wife.

Draupadi was dragged into the hall by her hair, while in her period.

I still have in my mind all the stories of good women who were meek, obeyed their husbands, and were phenomenal at housework.

I was taught to always cook fresh food, never serve my family leftovers, to do housework with no expectation of praise or reward.

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