He is dating someone else now what

If he moans Ashley and your name is Grace, what else are you supposed to think?Sure, it might the name of an ex-girlfriend or a Freudian slip, but either way, you’re obviously in a weird situation.The important thing isn’t to gloat about seeing other guys.That will make you look childish and desperate, but, if you suddenly get busy and he realizes he doesn’t have exclusive access to you, he’s going to figure it out—and then work even harder to get your attention.See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. You’ve finally met a seemingly great guy and things are going well, but now you’ve got to get over the big hurdle: making things exclusive.There’s no mention of weekend plans, let alone holidays or anything beyond that. ” text, but here he is at the bar, texting up a storm.If he’s not planning for the future, odds are he’s not anticipating there will He’s texting a lot when he’s with you. The first time, you can assume it’s a family/friend/work emergency and ask if everything’s okay.

If you’re currently trying to decode the situation, here are 15 signs that you may not be his only one: He’s not texting you often.If he’s not engaged in spending time with you, his mind is somewhere else. He just physically turns around to watch that waitress walk away. Instagram informs you that he went to that art exhibit you told him you were dying to go to. Well, one beer too many and they could accidentally mention “that girl Gina” that he’s been talking to.Feel free to ask what’s up, but you may not like the answer. That’s just not just disrespectful, it’s a huge red flag that he’s interested in (and most likely is) pursuing other women. He may have gone alone or with some friends—it’s not only damning if he went with another girl. Or they could have no idea that the girls he’s seeing don’t know he’s talking to other people.Lots of pictures of attractive “friends” kissing his cheek?Seems like he only posts Instas of him surrounded by gaggles of blondes?

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Those are signs that he’s on the prowl and ready to flirt, my friend. He’ll post a food picture Insta from your dinner and won’t tag you. ” If he gets weird about his plans last weekend or he looks nauseous when you finally bring up the big question, he’s not ready to commit to you.

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