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Some of the scientists' favorite index fossils are trilobites, ammonites and scallop shells.

So, how exactly is an index fossil used for relative dating of rocks?

They follow an ordered progression that is very clear and predictable.

Therefore, we can use the succession of fossil assemblages to establish the relative ages of rocks.

He began to identify rock layers by the fossils they contained, and he even noticed that the general order of strata was identical over many different parts of the country.

Smith was the first person to understand the principle of fossil succession.

We also want our index fossils to be common, widely-distributed species that are easy for scientists to identify.Stegosaurus and Triceratops were not part of the same assemblage because they lived at different times.Obviously, the fossil assemblages change from period to period.We talked about relative dating of rocks and how scientists use stratigraphic succession to compare the ages of different rock layers.You should already understand that the lower rock strata are generally older than the strata found higher up in the rock.

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Try it risk-free You may already know how to date a fossil with a rock.

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