Expect respect teen dating violence curriculum

There are limited curriculum materials available for the topic of teen dating violence.And there is no one comprehensive curriculum that covers all the subtopics.Support group participants are youths who have experienced abuse in the home or in dating relationships.Groups include only members of the same gender, and they run for 24 sessions and are delivered during the school day.Therefore it is necessary to utilize various materials as we teach this topic.

Available through Love Is Not Abuse Curriculum – free.

I usually teach this unit before teaching dating violence to my eigth grade health classes.

Sexual Harassment & Teens by Susan Strauss Flirting vs Hurting: A Teachers Guide on Student to Student Sexual Harassment in Schools by Nan Stein DVD, can be 2-3 lessons and best if taught before dating violence unit. Your local Coalition Against Domestic Violence will probably have lesson plans or units on dating violence that they might share with you.

Available through Katie Brown Education Program org Teaches dating violence units in schools; may request a donation; evidence-based curriculum. Coaching Boys Into Men free kit & materials to help young athletes build respectful, non-violent relationships Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment may occur in an abusive dating relationship.

Has developed a wonderful hands-on activity-based and teacher friendly curriculum for grades 5-high school; curriculum and training is available for school teachers. But not all cases of sexual harassment are dating violence, as they may occur outside of a dating relationship.

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In our school district, this book is mandatory summer reading for all ninth graders.

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