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You told me the other night.” I replied “I’m confused. ” I said no and then I overheard her talking to a guy in the car she was in and he was pissed at her because I hadn’t given her the address yet.

Harvey Keitel took his first audition with director Martin Scorsese too seriously.

Adam: Our monthly Al Pacino retrospective continues with his 1989 comeback film, Sea of Love, which is a movie I’ve almost watched at least twenty times over the years but never did until this past weekend. Along the way, Keller’s world turns topsy turvy when he meets the most desireable shoe salesman in recorded history, a single mother named Helen Cruger (played by Ellen Barkin) and falls madly in love with her. I’m also relieved that I now know which movie the “Pacino smoke and a shot” GIF comes from.

In Sea of Love, Pacino plays New York City homicide detective Frank Keller who is on the case of a killer finding victims in the singles column of the newspaper (how’s that for old-fashioned? While on the case, Pacino and his partner (played winningly as always by John Goodman) basically go on speed dates to find their killer through process of fingerprint elimination.

The end reveal is fine in a wish fulfillment kind of way, and it was ultimately the right move, but I was just the slightest bit disappointed.

As for the Helen Keller thing: I guarantee you’re the only person who’s ever caught that. Adam: To be fair the Helen Keller thing was something I read online.

My favorite things about Sea of Love are that Pacino is basically like a gimmick cop. I love that Pacino’s apartment pretty much looks unchanged since the 1970s but he has a cartoon alligator (crocodile? There’s a moment where Pacino (who is pursuing Barkin down a street in a way that looks like a warm-up to his Frankie & Johnny performance) makes Barkin break and smile and then he gets shoved out of the way by an extra and runs back to her like an eager puppy. I read Pacino and Barkin got along on set and it bleeds through into their performances. I also agree that he and Barkin are pretty damn magical together, which makes up for that slightly cringeworthy scene with the starter pistol where he shoves her into a closet and then pins her to the bed.

The specific experience I was referring to, though, was a Jdate I went on about five years ago. Before the date, she texted me asking how excited I was about the date. Cut to the next weekend and I’m trying to make plans with her. She said “I’ll rent one.” I was like “Ummmm….me call you back in a few minutes.” I waited about an hour and said “How about we just meet at a bar somewhere in the city?

That’s rare in this day and age and the relationship is treated mostly realistically, considering the speed dating dynamic.

Remind me to tell you my Sea of Love speed dating story later on.

The usual thriller elements play out, but there’s also a lot of quirk and surprise in Sea of Love and that’s what made it such an entertaining watch for me. Rob: I’d also never seen Sea of Love until this viewing, and I thought it was a ton of fun.

Rob, what did you think of Sea of Love and did you know that if Helen married Frank and took his name that her name would then be Helen Keller? It’s a well-crafted ‘80s thriller and a perfect lead role for Pacino in this stage of his career.

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(.) Things were getting pretty heated until Scorsese burst into the room. A little of that future was represented by Cooper, an Actors Studio alum who brought not only girlfriend Renee, but his Philadelphia native parents. For a man who looks like he’s either just come from or is in a hurricane, Al spoke eloquently about the history of the Actors Studio.

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