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By Meteor Blades Just when you think no new revelation about the incompetence of this Administration could possibly flabbergast you more than the last one you heard about, they clobber you again.

The latest is a story in today's Chicago Tribune : Internet blows CIA cover It's easy to track America's covert operatives.

January 31, 2005 | Permalink Track Back URL for this entry:https:// Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Things You Should Be Reading: » Praise of Steve Clemons from Brad De Long's Semi-Daily Journal: A Weblog Ezra Klein says: anyone not reading The Washington Note should really start.

Probably the widest-ranging and most informative site on my daily trawl. Posted by: rea | Jan 31, 2005 PM Having spent most of my adult life living in Chicago, I can tell you that Dick Durbin is indeed deserving of any fawning that comes his way.

But unbeknown to the CIA, her affiliation and those of hundreds of men and women like her have somehow become a matter of public record, thanks to the Internet.

When the Tribune searched a commercial online data service, the result was a virtual directory of more than 2,600 CIA employees, 50 internal agency telephone numbers and the locations of some two dozen secret CIA facilities around the United States.

Probably the widest-ranging and most informative site on my daily trawl.Despite what we learned about Judy Miller, I still give people with Pulitzers, in this case the series' reporter John Crewdson, who has a small amount of CIA coverage under his belt, too much credit.« And Don't Do It Again | Main | The Politics of Branding » • The world has an oil problem, but the best solution may be the doomsday scenario of a sharp and irrevocable rise in oil prices.They're all on the Internet." Not all of the 2,653 employees whose names were produced by the Tribune search are supposed to be working under cover.More than 160 are intelligence analysts, an occupation that is not considered a covert position, and senior CIA executives such as Tenet are included on the list. But an undisclosed number of those on the list--the CIA would not say how many--are covert employees, and some are known to hold jobs that could make them terrorist targets.

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At least, so long as it happens before India and China accelerate into huge dependency on cheap oil.

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