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In this society, it's too easy to ignore people with mental illness.

And it's way too easy to assume that their needs for affiliation and intimacy are absent or foreign.

Eleanor reveals in honest detail the judgement she faced in her quest for “The One” and how she finally learnt to open up about the taboo illness and let herself fall in love. ‘I have something to tell you’, I said to my boyfriend, two months into dating.

“It isn’t easy and I wanted to tell you sooner but I didn’t want to share it too soon.

I feared others judgement of the fact I had bipolar and at times this turned into anxiety prior to going on dates.

I was worried that people would think I was different or not worthy enough and when I look back, that is because I was struggling to deal with how I saw myself.

Eleanor Segall is one of those six, having lived with bipolar disorder for 13 years.

Here, she shares her candid account of what so many millennials struggle with every single day: finding love while secretly battling a mental health disorder.

It should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care."You have somebody to throw your ideas off of." Barrett, 30, has worked with the mentally ill in a variety of settings, including the Bernalillo County jail and an Albuquerque psychiatric clinic.She now works in several New Mexico schools, from elementary through high school.Users can post as much, or as little, information as they like. Lynne said she and her new companion exchanged about 100 emails before the two met for the first time.Here is an extract from an article I wrote for Glamour UK Magazine (online) which was a dream come true.

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