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No doubt has this type of thread been made numerous times but after a really **** day I need to release some of this negative thinking i've been brooding about.

Im just a bit pissed off at how difficult life can be for an unattractive guy .

This goes for all the people who think they are ugly out there.

Too many ugly guy hot women couples out there for what you say to be right.

Just keep trying and you'll eventually meet someone, or so sitcoms tell me.

I see hot girls with ugly guys all the time - it's usually because they are 1) uber confident and 2) quite hench/tall.

I have asked if my looks met guys' physical standards for dating, and every guy said no.

As long as woman has her hunter-gatherer type then not having a beautiful face doesn't matter.

Although I still wouldn't aspire to be these type of guys.

It is very easy to become bitter and blame everyone else.

I think being social overrides being ugly, as I know many people who don't look so nice but have had boy/girlfriends due to their personalities.

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