Dating smith wesson pre 36 revolver

bought a smith and wesson model 10-5 with a 4 inch barrel in the original box, looks like its been well taken care of, the original cleaning kit is still sealed up, i want to take it to the range (got some rounds for it, remington 130 grain fmj) but i want to know how old it is first, perhaps what its worth?

You will probably find aftermarket grips more comfortable than the stock factory wood ones.I see NIB, or ANIB ones at local shows for 5 - 0 asking, and I believe they actually sell for 5.Any wear and the price goes down dramatically - a serviceable but finish worn model 10 can still be had for 0 - 5 in my neck of the woods.I always thought that when S&W added a new dash number to the model number, all new production would include the new dash number and the engineering modifications associated with it.Clermont - No, serial numbers were not sequential, and serial numbers cannot really determine date of "manufacture".

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