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The beautifully atmospheric image captures actors preparing for an evening opera performance in Licheng County, China.Winning 1st Place in the Nature category, Tamara Blazquez Haik’s photograph of a griffon vulture—titled is perfectly timed, capturing the majestic moment it soars through the skies in Monfragüe National Park in Spain.Scroll down to check out more of the winning images and check out the National Geographic website for how to enter next year’s competition.1st Place – Nature.PHOTOGRAPH BY TAMARA BLAZQUEZ HAIK/ 2019 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST“TENDER EYES”A gorgeous griffon vulture is seen soaring the skies in Monfragüe National Park in Spain.They glide through the ocean effortlessly, coming up only to breathe.Dusky dolphins are fast and will often keep pace with a speeding boat.Their powerful and impressive horns show who the king of the Alps are.Ibexes are ideally adapted to live at dizzying heights.

Their elegance and streamlined bodies are built for speed and maneuverability—accentuated by the smooth, clear water of the New Zealand coastline. PHOTOGRAPH BY JONAS SCHÄFER/ 2019 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL PHOTO CONTEST“KING OF THE ALPS”A herd of ibexes in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland cross a ridge above Lake Brienz.Vultures are noble and majestic animals—kings of the skies.When looking at them flying, we should feel humbled and admire them.2nd Place – Nature.In China’s Loess Plateau, local residents dig holes in the loess layer [to create cave living spaces, known as yaodongs] and use the heat preservation properties to survive cold winters.This series mainly records the life, entertainment, belief, labor, and other [daily] scenes of the people living in the caves.2nd Place – People.

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