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Some have sexual content, while others are more of a chaste romance.Some let you romance all possible characters, and some realistically will punish you for flirting around.However, the point of a dating sim must always remain the same - to successfully romance the character of your choice.How you do it, and what extra factors there are (such as time limits, affection bars, gifts, and raising your own abilities) vary from game to game and have become more and more complex over time.Dating simulators started in Japan, but have become an international game genre.Not only have Japanese games been translated into English and other languages, but other countries have started making their own games as well.

Of course, it's not the same as today's games but it's a classic for the genre and helped dating sims become more popular with English-speaking audiences! Let's start with dating simulators aimed at those of us who prefer women.

Many older dating simulators will have been aimed primarily at men, meaning the player character will be male.

However, more recent ones (like the one in our example) will let you choose your gender from the beginning.

Some have serious background stories and plot, while others are just romantic or sexy fluff.

Whether you're looking for a serious game or a causal one, with varying levels of romantic content, there are enough dating simulators out there that you can probably find one.

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