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You know how some days you get tired of seeing the same old thing or hearing the same old thing? They’ve released one single so far and their first EP will arrive in April.

Along with most people who have seen PPL MVR, the first thing I noticed was their interesting appearance.

Since I had already been reading erotica, I figured that I might as well use this opportunity to explore Nin’s oeuvre – I had been wanting to ever since watching ‘Henry and June‘.

Strangely, I had forgotten that I had already read ‘Little Birds’ a few years ago.

But if felt like a farce, as though he were a buffoon, so it seemed okay. When the woman took charge, eventually putting herself in her partner’s face, and Louis “watched the melting of his mouth between her legs”, my brain fogged up.

And that’s before Louis met a woman of his own, on the beach. Lina: This one is told from the perspective of the titular character’s friend.

Anaïs Nin explores passion in all its forms, from two strangers on a moonlit Normandy beach to a woman’s sudden fulfillment at a public hanging.

Evocative, compelling, superbly erotic, Little Birds is a powerful journey into the mysterious world of sex and sensuality.

I enjoyed it because we really got a sense of what she was like.

I found it amusing, as it seemed designed to be comical, not sexy.

However, it could easily have been creepy, had the man come off as predatory. The Woman on the Dunes: I found this one pretty hot. I was immediately turned on when Louis, our protagonist, wandered about some shacks and watched a couple make out.

It’s only as I started through the first couple of stories that a murky recollection came to the surface.

Since I was enjoying myself and I couldn’t remember the details, I didn’t mind revisiting it at all.

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It was evident they were pretty new and a little nervous, but by the end of the song, they were rocking out and getting into it.

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