Dating postcards postage

There are of course inherent problems with this method as postcards were sometimes mailed decades after publication.Another problem is that most postcards were published when the rate remained steady at one cent.

There may be an exact amount of how much postage required to mail the postcard printed on the back of the postcard in the stamp box.

The use of 'Picture Postcards' was first sanctioned by the British Postal Authorities on 1st September 1894.

Prior to this date - pre-printed plain cards were in use which are commonly referred to as 'Postal Stationery' The size of cards varied throughout this period. The 'Intermediate' size of 5 x 3 inches (approx) was followed by the adopted standard sized card 5½ x 3½ inches which was in common use from 1900 until the 1960's The postage rate for postcards was a halfpenny - ½d ½d 1894 - 1900 Vermillion The colour of the halfpenny - ½d stamp was changed in 1900 to meet international standards.

If you can identify the paper manufacturer, you can approximate the age of the old postcard.

If the postcard has a stamp box, click on one of stamp box links below.

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Do you have an old postcard and curious about its age?

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