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It's plot points like that that moves the American along at a faster pace — nevermind the fact that its 18-episode first season will come two episodes shy of matching the Korean version's entire run.The action — from the chaotic procedures to the dialogue and editing — operates at a quick clip, creating a sense of urgency, versus the slow, steady stride of the mothership, which, like most K-dramas, lets the scenes and emotions marinate to draw you in.Without further ado, here are the best Korean dramas of the year thus far., which is now the most-watched drama of the season. The series, which follows a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, is based on the Korean show of the same name (sans the "The"), which premiered in 2013. The Korean was a huge, award-winning smash during its run, which lasted only 20 episodes.The American version forces you to give it another shot or two to see how and if it can stand on its own.has deviated completely from the Korean version, as Shore had always planned.

Of course, whenever ends, which might not be for years, Shaun and Claire could end up together, but right now it's not in the realm of narrative possibility; Lea at the moment seems like the most likely possible love interest, but they're working best now as a budding friendship.

Korean dramas can go from super sappy to incredibly heartbreaking to "WTF, what was that?

" in a heartbeat, and that variety is exactly what keeps viewers coming back for more. ), but 2019 is already coming in pretty hot, and some of everyone's favorite actors are back on our screens and in our hearts.

viewers since 2014 before it finally arrived in September to ABC with Freddie Highmore as the titular doc.

Through our more-is-better American lens, that doesn't sound like a lot, but the most popular and successful subsects of K-dramas are short, close-ended runs of 10 to 24 episodes that air twice a week, as did. and for the most part stuck to the pilot script, even adapting the lead character's name as closely as he could: In the Korean version, his first name is Shi-on (Joo Won) and in the American version, it's Shaun.

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