Dating customs in spain

The customs of Spanish teenagers are a mixture of the old and the new -- much like Spain itself.

Some customs enjoyed by Spanish teens date to the Middle Ages, while others are as new as the Internet.

Football, or what Americans call soccer, also is popular with Spanish teens.

Kids grow up playing soccer in school and on the weekends.

My friend told me and I contacted him directly and asked him out. My foreign, female friends had an awful time on nights out.

All of them were really attractive, educated and friendly and they were never approached (but unfortunately, unlike me, came from cultures where it´s frowned upon for women to do the approaching).

In Ireland, we´re not exactly smooth operators when it comes to meeting men and women (we´re pretty awful at it, in fact) but we muddle on through in our awkward, very often drink fueled way and it´s not frowned upon for a woman to approach a man but after 7 years in Spain, I still wondered exactly how men and women actually hooked up because I didn´t see it happen in bars or discos in all my time there except for the really sleazy ones where tourists and Erasmus students frequented (which I hated).

Spanish men, as lovely and handsome as they are, are not very forward AT ALL despite what you might think and this was in Madrid, a large capital city and I´ve heard various reasons given for this but I did, in fact, date two Spanish men, one of whom had been checking me out all night but did nothing else and who I finally approached (I was 29 at the time, he was 37 so not exactly teenagers) and my current boyfriend of 7 years who had concocted this elaborate plan to get me to go out with him whereby he´d sent a message to a mutual friend to ask her to organise a situation where we´d both be there. I didn´t get why he was so shy but that was my experience with men there in general.

Jo Pick has a master's degree in speech pathology from the University of Florida and has studied child development at the University of Kansas.

Formula One racing also is popular with Spanish teens.

Although the Grand Prix runs only one weekend a year, famous Spanish drivers such as Fernando Alonso are treated like rock stars all year long.

In summer, they go to escape the heat and to do some rock climbing.

In the wintertime, skiing and snowboarding are popular.

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