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(It seems like common sense, but many foreigners tend to forget the details, or brush them off as being unimportant) Some Japanese men might expect you to behave this way, so if he tells you he likes dolphins, maybe he’s somehow hoping you will offer a date at the aquarium!

In return, he may be trying to do the same thing for you, so pay attention to your words: talking about chocolate for just one minute may possibly get you a box of ones on the next date… 2 - Read between the lines Japanese culture is based on respect and not disturbing the peace of the environment around you.

What kind of food he likes, what kind of place he often hangs out, etc, so that later you can offer him something right in his taste, and show him at the same time that you do care about him, his personality and his taste.

Japanese people can be very attentive to little details, and it is important to demonstrate to your loved one that you truly know him and listen to him, rather then trying to take him on dates you assume he would enjoy as well: it is a simple way to show selfless attention!

For example, Japanese women are sometimes very passive and submissive during the first dates, if this is not like you, then don’t force yourself acting this way!

Tinder is the go to hookup app in the United States and with a lot of swiping you can find yourself setting up some dates.

However, the trend is in full motion with more and more Japanese people leaving traditional websites/services and giving dating apps a try.

First let me say that Japan is an amazing country rich in history and culture.

lthough tech is mainstream and fully integrated into western dating culture, over here in Tokyo, stigmas associated with dating apps still run high.

So in that sense, overall reception of dating apps in Japan is still about 5 years behind the United States.

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