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Junior engineering student Aaron Hall noted that his partner’s major didn’t make a major difference.“My girlfriend is minoring in [computer science] but majors in finance. I don’t think being in different schools makes it harder to meet new people or be in a relationship,” Hall said.Based on the 1,415 students who disclosed their major, business school students were the most likely to date within their discipline, with 26 percent of those in a relationship dating another business student.Meanwhile, engineering students led the pack in commitment, with nearly half currently dating someone.

Instead, they said they would accept getting paid a staggering ,000 less in salary, and rated themselves as less ambitious.Women make up 24% of the STEM workforce, and although they are still paid less than their male counterparts, the pay gap between the genders in STEM fields is still less than it is on average for all workers, according to government data.So no matter who’s doing them, STEM jobs pay significantly more than non-STEM jobs, on average."I talked to other women [in my field] and they felt that way, too.” Shaftel uses a few different techniques in her practice, the first one being a 70-question assessment with prompts such as, “I’d rather give than receive,” and “I am fearless,” where clients are told to answer honestly.This helps Shaftel gauge their outlook on life and dating.

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Each client’s session varies depending on the person, but can include: fine-tuning how to write a strong dating profile; tips on building confidence with self-love exercises; and discussing how to make time for dating while climbing the career ladder in one's STEM field.

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