Dating a thai wwoman ediquette

This is part of Thai etiquette and is ingrained not only in our brains but also in our behaviour.

You should never see a Thai girl with our feet up high like on tables.

Unless we’re having a really really bad day, of cause.

If you’ve found some of us to back off or become very timid, please don’t be disheartened. You might be lucky and get a few laughs in the process but be aware…

Thai girls have numerous personality traits and while some are endearing others can be deceptive and problematic.

I would say it is also rare to find one of us with our bottoms sitting on the table as we were told and grew up putting them where they belong – on chairs.

Thai girls are not only euphemistic in speech; it is part of our culture and reflects in our behaviour whether we are at home, or in public.

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It is not because I’m a bad person, I have my reasons.

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