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Reminding your man that he is a sex machine is always a gentle ego pat.

Calling him Hot Stuff, Iron Man, Hunk, Sex Bomb, Sex God, Playboy, Big Sexy, or Rock Star will have him smiling every time you call him.

That’s why nicknames like Bad Boy, Big Daddy, Beast, Boo Bear and Hulk and Hercules are popular with guys.

Invent a badass name but give it a cute spin, one that makes you the owner of this out of control monster!

Some men become really annoyed at syrupy “babyish” talk.

But if your boyfriend is tall and his name happens to be John, Big John is perfect. Depends on whether your boyfriend happens to like goats! Then he’ll love being nicknamed something like Monkey, Tiger, Love Bird, Wolfie, Bunny, Lamb, Hawk, Eagle, or even Donkey-Kong for the Nintendo loving geek boyfriend.

This will add some dramatic flair to your nicknames, especially if you do the accent just right!

There’s something funny and yet endearing out of creating a new word using part or all of your boyfriend’s first name. The possibilities are endless, just be sure that he approves of the cute nickname and that it’s not derogatory or mocking any trait that he might be self-conscious about.

Here are fifteen nickname ideas and the reasons why he will probably dig it.

Men love being thought of as a bad boy since women are usually attracted to these personalities.

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No one knows where these Boyfriend nicknames come from and how do they stick, they just do and that is what makes them special.

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