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We hit it off amazingly at first and had the best conversation out of all the guys I matched with.He asks to hang out that night and it seems fine because he asks to bring his friend and then suggested I bring a friend for his friend too.We chatted in the shelterhouse for a while, then he complained that he was cold.He wanted me to go sit in his car with him so he could turn the heater on in the car. As soon as I shut the car door on my side and turned to him, he ripped the front of my blouse, jerked my bra down, and latched onto the fleshy part of my breast with his mouth like some huge lamprey.And I didn't...until he began to basically blow up my phone in every way you could think of: from phone number, to facebook messages, etc. His family has a lot of money and has a well known name in the city I currently live in, and I was scared that if I was rude to him he'd do something to retaliate.I tried telling him for that I can't do casual fwb sex. When I'd begin to call him out on hitting on my friend in front of me and other shit he did he'd basically gaslight me in various ways.

So that's another hour back to his house and he says let's go inside I'm not hungry yet.I was like where are we going and he says he wants to drive around a bit before going because he isn't hungry.So we drive about 30 minutes past my house and he pulls over and tries to initiate a kiss, he pulls me into him and I just kind of hug him, it was this awkward 5 minute embrace of him trying to kiss me and me just turning my head and burying my face into his shoulders (might I add he was super stinky) so I suggest we turn around and go to the restaurant.I felt wanted by him when he gave me any kind of attention. It's like any preferences I previously had before I met him evaporated.I was an empty shell for him to use however he wanted to, because attention from him was what I wanted.

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