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For example, from 1917 to 1928, Coke bottles had the patent date of “NOV. From 1928 to 1938, the so called “Christmas Cokes” (due to the Christmas patent date) were produced that possessed this second date. D 105529” (1938-1951), “US PATENT OFFICE/MIN CONTENTS 6 FL OZ” (1951-1958), and “US PATENT OFFICE/ MIN CONTENTS 6 ½ FL OZ” (1958-1965) (Lockhart and Porter 2010;

Contrary to popular belief a Coca-Cola bottle, even if it is decades old, is only worth a few dollars at most.

Age does not play a large part in determining a bottle's value.

The noncurvy bottles are more rare and could bring a higher value.

Note the length of time it has been on the auction to assess if the price is realistic.

Recognize that collectors may estimate its value at a higher price than its actual value.

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Coca-Cola first made its appearance in 1886 as a soda fountain drink in downtown Atlanta, GA.

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