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For example, generally a public official (custodian of the records) must respond to a written request within three (3) business days. "The improvements in both the open records and open meetings provisions in New Mexico law can be traced in large part to a private organization called the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, known as NMFOG. 25-26 (1925) ("House journal and bills are public records and should be open to public inspection at reasonable hours.").

This organization, although receiving most of its funding from media organizations, has broad public membership. The New Mexico Attorney General publishes compliance guides for New Mexico, and copies are available from the Attorney General's office: Civil Division, Office of the Attorney General, State of New Mexico, Bataan Memorial Building, P. Drawer 1508, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-1508, telephone 505-490-4060 or online at: No appellate court decision defined the right of common law access until passage of the state's first Open Records Law in 1947.

The provisions added in 1993 include a section just like the Inspection of Public Records Act, creating a presumption that meetings should be open: In recognition of the fact that a representative government is dependent upon an informed electorate, it is declared to be public policy of this state that all persons are entitled to the greatest possible information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those officers and employees who represent them.

The formation of public policy or the conduct of business by vote shall not be conducted in closed meeting.

After five years, the party's name will appear on the public index unless the presiding judge orders the name protected for an additional period of time, upon another showing that publication of the name is likely to result in substantial physical harm to the party or members of the party's household. Unless otherwise ordered, while a request under subsection 40(b) or (c) is pending, (1) the party's name will not be added to the public index if the request is made with or in the filing that initiates the case; and (2) the party's name will remain on the public index if the request is made in an existing case. The court system must keep an Estate Index comprising all estate cases indexed alphabetically under the name of the person to whose estate the case relates, a Will Index comprising a list of all wills on deposit indexed alphabetically under the name of the person to whose will is deposited, a Protective Proceeding Index, an alphabetical index of all protective order proceedings kept under the names of the respondents, and a Registered Trust Index, an alphabetical list of all registered trusts will be kept under the name of the trust. (1) “Court record” means both case records and administrative records, but does not include records that may be in the court’s possession that do not relate to the conduct of the court’s business. The father, an attorney, appealed the judge’s ruling under Admin.

The rules distinguish between “sealed” records, meaning “access to the record is restricted to the judge and persons authorized by written order of the court,” Adm. “In electronic form” means any information in a court record in a form that is readable through an electronic device, Adm. The following case records and case-related documents are not accessible to the public: (A) memoranda, notes, or preliminary drafts prepared by or under the direction of any judicial officer of the Alaska Court System that relate to the adjudication, resolution, or disposition of any past, present, or future case, controversy, or legal issue; (B) legal research and analysis prepared or circulated by judges or law clerks regardless of whether it relates to a particular case and written discussions relating to procedural, administrative, or legal issues that are or may be before the court; and (C) documents, information, data, or other items sealed or confidential pursuant to statute, court rule, case law, or court order. The court emphasized that its foremost concern was whether the children would be hurt by making the record public, and it noted that neither party had been able to explain how that might occur.

An amendment to the Open Meeting Act in 2009 provides that “all meetings of any committee or policy-making body of the legislature held for the purpose of discussing public business or taking any action within the authority…of the body are declared to be public meetings open to the public at all times…” § 10-15-2(A).

The New Mexico Attorney General's office has published the Eighth Edition of the Open Meeting Act Compliance Guide.

A request to limit access, the response to such a request, and the order ruling on such a request must be written in a manner that does not disclose non-public information, are public records, and shall not themselves be sealed or made confidential. R.37.6, which provides for courts to “limit access to public information in an individual case record.” The Supreme Court observed, “Parties are entitled and expected to be adverse in litigation, and litigants do not have a right to have claims or statements with which they disagree removed from the record.

Any request to limit access must be made in writing to the court and served on all parties to the case unless otherwise ordered. (This unpublished opinion replaces an earlier, 2017, Supreme Court opinion that the Court issued in November 2017, and then withdrew it, changing only an unrelated paragraph.) Though Benjamin’s objections were based more broadly on Admin. 37.5 through 37.8 and 40 in the trial court, on appeal he relied on Admin.

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