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See Section 153 (1), Paragraph 21 (a) of the 3rd Schedule and Section 292 (1) (a) (i) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999and the Supreme Court decision in Elelu-Habeeb v AGF (2012) 40 WRN 1. Justice Tanko Muhammad is fully aware of the state of law, yet presented himself to be sworn in by the President.” Meanwhile, anti-corruption group, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, has given the NJC till Thursday to take over Onnoghen’s case and look into the false asset declaration allegations levelled against him.

SERAP, in a statement by its Senior Legal Adviser, Bamisope Adeyanju, asked Justice Muhammad to recuse himself from the case.

It's him and one other guy living there and clearly no one has cleaned the place in a very long time.

I understand that guys can be messy, and I might expect this from guys in their early or mid-twenties, but for someone in his 30s who seems pretty together, it was a turnoff. I guess i'm saying you- what do you have to lose by telling him? I'm not sure that I feel enough of a spark with him to continue things anyway, but I guess it would be helpful to him to let him know.

It said if the allegations against Justice Onnoghen were established after the investigation by the NJC, the CJN should be handed over to the relevant anti-graft agency for prosecution.

If I had any inclination to sleep with him, it vanished the moment I set foot in his place. I'm not good at confronting those types of situations, unfortunately.

The brief makes the case that the testimony of five additional victims who testified against Cosby established a pattern of behavior, and that the experiences of the witnesses were strikingly similar to the experience of Andrea Constand.

JUST IN: Agbakoba Submits Petition Against Acting CJN, Tanko Mohammed A former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Dr.

I just feel like if someone is comfortable living in that type of mess, they might not be a very clean person and it's hard for me to want to have sexy times with them after seeing that. Debating whether I should give him another chance since he is a nice guy aside from that..I also kind of feel like I lost a lot of attraction for him, and not sure I can get it back.

I'm also worried that he's going to be the type of guy that expects his girlfriend to be his mom and clean up after him. Has anyone else stopped seeing someone over a gross apartment?

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I have been on a couple of dates so far with a guy I met on Bumble.

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