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Instead of brewing frustration he’ll be proud of himself when the best jumbo shrimp in town are appreciatively devoured. Yes, they will even lose interest in that fantastic, successful independent woman!

Now, what compounds the problem is that successful women can easily confuse “dependence” with “interdependence.”The Feminist movement took us from dependence to independence. And, soon he becomes frustrated and emasculated as his value and ability to contribute erodes. The independent success woman has been raised on these fairy tales.

If you are still waiting for Prince Charming ask yourself if you are ready to enter into a relationship that demands attention and emotional maturity.

Good sense tells us that this “diamond” of a individual deserves to find the perfect match.We all know that happiness comes from the inside-from our own goals and dreams.And, if you search for happiness from the outside (whether it be a great pair of shoes, ice cream, a race car, or other people) you will be disappointed.So, are women set up to be disappointed in relationships with false expectations? ”Most successful women will respond “It doesn’t matter, dear. ” Ok, now how is the Prince supposed to make you happy by picking the right restaurant? He is helpless and emasculated in his failure to please.But this scenario can easily be transformed into a positive experience: if you respond to his questions with, “I’d love jumbo shrimp,” then the prince will be thrilled to find the best shrimp restaurant in the land. When men feel that they cannot make a woman happy, they become frustrated and they often lose interest.

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