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By continuing to browse on this website, you accept the use of cookies for the above purposes.We have three major tasks: 1) meet basic needs, 2) provide a safety net, and 3) increase social equality. We are increasing educational equality and giving more people in poor areas access to high-quality education.I said to the European leaders that Chinese companies can deliver high speed rail equipment very quickly. We don’t want to lose out on Europe because of individual cases, as it is our largest trading partner.

The Ministry of Agriculture should think about why the people choose to believe journalist Cui Yongyuan’s theory on genetically modified foods rather than those of the agricultural experts.I have read negative reports about the Chinese economy.Last year we met our growth targets without stimulating the economy, so why can’t we do it again this year?As long as differences are managed, then relations can be improved.There are more common interests between China and the United States than differences.

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