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The #1 mistake people make on live chat dating is thinking that their greeting message is good, and not knowing that they're mumbling or inaudible.

) this one is third, both for the performance of some of the songs and its poignance ... Just compare this to the patchier recordings on "As Nature Intended," and you'll see what I mean. ) It's like watching some thrilling spectacle from the wrong end of the telescope--everything is flattened out and diminished. I hope the 2009 Remasters address all the short comings of the released CD's. First of all, this performance should be reproduced in stereo, not mono.

But the real disappointment is in the overall final quality.

All the previous releases of the rooftop concert had high and lows and lots of unbalanced things in the audio parts, this one is perfect, all the volume is corrected, as well as the equalization of the songs, it is not just a compilation of previous releases better parts, it is soooooooooo much more than that, it is the rooftop concert the way it always should have been. As usual, an excellently produced Ebbetts album - I wonder why mono though?

It's also great to see Dr Ebbetts expand into new official-ish albums! If this were in stereo, it would be more impressive.

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