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For some projects, change control boards are created and convened on a regular basis to consider and approve change requests.

There may be different change control boards in the organization, which handle various types of change requests.

It's vital that the criteria for this evaluation be determined before it's needed so that time is not wasted reaching consensus.

Setting these parameters will help balance change with overall business goals and benefits.

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A well thought out, detailed change management plan that has been accepted by project team members and stakeholders will save time and money, something project managers never have enough of.The ability to manage and control change, particularly that of project scope, is a key to reaching goals and a typical performance indicator for a project manager.Project change is inevitable and you must be prepared to deal with it when — not if — it happens.Putting this kind of process in place enables you to deliver what the customer has requested, in the timeline required, and within the agreed-upon budget.Without change control, the project scope becomes a moving target and you are at risk of missing one or more of your project success factors.

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