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In the last decades of the nineteenth century, Battle Creek grew into a city of more than 22,000 inhabitants.

It was the home of Nichols & Shepard and Advance threshing machine companies, supplying agricultural implements to farmers of the great plains of America and Russia. Squier was a pioneer in creating an American Company which produced violins and instrumental strings for musicians around the world.

For the first 10 years she lived in the area, Truth had a home in the village of Harmonia, a community of Quakers and Spiritualists a few miles west of Battle Creek (now the location of Fort Custer Industrial Park).

In 1867 she and her family moved into town, where she lived until her death in 1883.

By the last part of the nineteenth century, the city developed into a major industrial center supplying a variety goods, including agricultural machinery, steam pumps, violin strings and newspaper printing presses, to markets around the world.

Currently an international business center and amateur sports capital, Battle Creek was once a health and diet reform mecca for the chronically ill.

Sojourner Truth, nationally known as the charismatic speaker for abolition and women's rights, visited Battle Creek in 1856.Among several new products developed for this regime was Granose, a ready-to-eat breakfast food made of flaked, baked wheat kernels. While he was there he became fascinated by the marketing potential of the new health foods, including a grain-based coffee substitute.In 1891, a chronically ill middle-aged business failure named C. When he left the hospital, Post opened his own spa, La Vita Inn, serving his version of the beverage which he called Postum. Through canny salesmanship and bold advertising campaigns, Post became a millionaire and inspired a host of imitators. Kellogg was working diligently for his older brother at the Sanitarium.Kellogg incorporated radical dietary reforms into the San's treatment program.He advocated a lighter, vegetarian diet with no artificial stimulants as a cure for the prevalent 'dyspepsia,' or chronic indigestion.

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Sojourner Truth, along with several members of her family, are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, on the east side of the city.

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