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In 2017, we secured a privacy certification from Ryerson University’s Privacy by Design Centre for Excellence,” said the Ashley Madison spokesperson.

“This certification confirms that we approach privacy as a proactive measure in all of our business dealings.” In an age of ever-increasing cyber threats, Ashley Madison has doubled-down on its efforts to provide security for its users.

The site has robust security features and allows users to interact with each other discreetly — both online and in person.

Because of its effectiveness, Ashley Madison attracts a diverse and gender-balanced crowd of users who are interested in finding intimacy outside of their marriages.

The widespread notion that it is mainly husbands who cheat is a myth.

“Infidelity is something that is pursued by both males and females,” the spokesperson said. Globally, in 2017, we have a gender ratio of 1.13 active females for every 1 paid active male.” For added discretion, Ashley Madison has useful features.

The company leverages AI and uses machine learning to detect fraudulent profiles and flag them for removal.

That gives real users more visibility and better opportunities to connect.” Once users are on the site, they can find other compatible affair-seekers easily.

We want to make it as seamless an experience as possible.” The bottom line is that Ashley Madison provides a service that many married people need, but the site can also help users preserve their reputations — and their marriages — by allowing them to discreetly seek out affairs online.“We find that more and more women are taking charge of their lives, adding a breath of fresh air to their sometimes mundane and stale marriages,” said the spokesperson.“Others don’t want to break up their family dynamic, opting instead to stray and stay in their marriage.” As member experiences suggest, an affair is not always a way out of a marriage.Of course, it isn’t an ideal situation, and it may lead one, or both, partners to seek sex outside of the relationship.Infidelity is fairly common in marriages, but that infidelity isn’t always discreet.

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“The main feature most people desire when joining Ashley is the ability to be connected to like-minded people — which is built into every facet of our site,” said the spokesperson.

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