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A few specifics: might have had to cut out the bits about Huffington's "considerable intelligence," her "seductive" charm and how she likes hiking, "yoga, meditation and prayer." But at least the magazine would have broken some significant new ground.

“We are very aware of how much battery remains on our phones.

“I’m a big believer in microscopic manageable steps, instead of ‘I’m going from four hours to eight’ overnight.” Around the time of her collapse, Huffington was getting between four and five hours of sleep a night, but would gradually introduce an extra 30 minutes when and where she could, and eventually she made it to eight.

Adding an extra half hour every couple of months feels like an easy-enough transition, but nothing in life is ever that simple.

Classical music plays as Arianna offers me a tea or coffee, which I decline, and rests her arm on one of the velvet pillows lining the sofa.

“Your sleep routine,” she commands again, so I tell her my worst habit is scrolling Instagram on my phone in bed. Sometimes I even fall asleep with my laptop in my bed.” I say this knowing that engaging with screens right before lights out violates Huffington’s sleep doctrine. It will transform how you feel during the day,” she tells me, a pep in her voice I’ve always lacked — a distinction I am now convinced is the result of our contrasting sleep patterns. It’s not like I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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  1. I know this, because, I have seen her in action in a professional context and have also hired Susan's empathetic, no-bs approach to matchmaking and relationships, helped me to understand my relationship in a deeper context.