Are baya and ryan from the real world still dating

Swear to God, these were the real lyrics: I would like to live/As a tampon/In the woman I love.

Suddenly, Ryan turned into a Bollywood dancer, except it was a Disney Princess movie, and he was Jasmine and Chet was Aladdin, and they went flying away on a magic carpet, leaving the rest of this cruel city behind so they could start A Whole New World, together.

As Simon Cowell would say, it’s all about song choice, you stupid twat.

And instead of debuting the terrible torch song he wrote with a chorus that has him chanting “liar, liar, liar,” Ryan actually chose to wail about used feminine hygiene products for the professional record producer man.

Ha, I love them both so much it is hard to say which avenue I will end up taking... If I had auditioned for season 20, in Hollywood, I probably wouldn't have made it because they were looking for a different type of person.

All I can say is if you have a story you want people to hear, go out and try to be a voice.

They window-shop on “the Lower East Side,” Matt says, all scene-pointy.

But, sob, Katelynn just wants her stupid boyfriend who ignores her back, and she cried in her bed for awhile. If there were a Judy Blume tone-poem that MTV had approved in advance, it would have been playing. Ryan mumbled, “I have a girlfriend,” which of course meant Baya needed to rub up against Chet, turning them both into wax figurines for Madame Tussad’s collection.

This isn't to say one is better than the other, they are just completely different!Sylvia Plathtastic should have kept dancing; now she just moons around the Red Hook Castle and wishes that Ryan would break up with his girlfriend and knock boots with her under an Ikea comforter.What occurs, instead, is that Devyn and Scott play with some raw chicken breasts in the kitchen, in their underwear.Also, Katelynn, the transgendered roomie, kissed a girl. At Elmo restaurant, Scott sat squarely between Devyn and his model-friend, delighted with his life.Devyn told him that “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice,” which was supposed to convince him that he should date her, and not his model-friend.

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For me, I fit in in New York, I have never felt that way about Utah. Gina, Reality Wanted: We've seen you on a dance audition so far and also, talking about spinning in clubs. Dance has always been a passion of mine, and DJ'ing is something I have always taken interest in, but never got a chance to pursue.

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