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Individuals who have an egalitarian gender role orientation are more likely than others to adopt traits and behaviors that are nontraditional for their gender.

(32,33) As such, they will have more balanced dependencies in their relationships, and each partner's sexual preferences will have a similar level of influence in the decision making.

At most, studies obtain proxy reports from one partner about the other partner's characteristics, behavior and attitudes.

(34,35) To our knowledge, no study has examined the gender role ideologies of both partners and how these beliefs influence a couple's sexual risk-taking behavior.

(37) In this article, we examine how power weights the decision-making process toward one partner or the other, by elevating or reducing the importance of a person's beliefs or characteristics.

Power differences between partners in gender role ideology and other dimensions of power can also lead to differences in beliefs about level of control over sex and contraception.

In general terms, power refers to the relative ability of one partner to act independently, to dominate decision making, to engage in behavior against the other partner's wishes or to control a partner's actions.

(21) Power plays a role in determining what, when and how sexual and contraceptive behaviors take place.

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First, most sexual behavior occurs within a close relationship and cannot be separated from that relationship.

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