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Depending on the agency, the cost of the summer stay can exceed ,000, with an additional charge for an advance investigation of the home, as required by law in most states.

Those families who eventually pursue adoption can incur costs of ,000 or more.

Mayhew said, Commonwealth found host families for all but one of the 33 orphans in its summer program.

Among the expectant host families surging around the children that mid-June night were Paul and Gail Geier, keenly on the lookout for Elena, 7, and her brother Fedor, 6.But considering the number of Russian children in need of new homes, interested families mostly see their money as well spent.About 70 percent of the estimated 500,000 children living in Russian orphanages are over 6 years old.That feature of the program attracted Barbara and Peter Garville when they learned of it through a local church. We'll host her, there are no obligations.''' It turned out that the girl, Valentina, had a younger brother, Ivan.The idea of a summer playmate for their daughter, Michele, now 8, appealed to the couple.'' We found out there was a little girl left who needed a host family,'' Mrs. The two had been placed in an orphanage two years before by Russian social service workers, who had removed them from a neglectful home.'' The parents were alcoholics and the children were not fed or clothed,'' Mrs. '' They were known as little beggars in the town.'' Today, the Garville family numbers five.

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