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Conclusions Sex education about abstinence and birth control was associated with healthier sexual behaviors and outcomes as compared to no instruction.

The protective influence of sex education is not limited to if or when to have sex, but extend to issues of contraception, partner selection, and reproductive health outcomes.

Methods Data used were from 4,691 male and female individuals aged 15-24 from the 2006-08 National Survey of Family Growth.

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Respondents receiving instruction about abstinence and birth control were significantly more likely at first sex to use any contraception (odds ratio [OR] = 1.73, females; OR=1.91, males) or a condom (OR=1.69, females; OR=1.90, males), and less likely to have an age-discrepant partner (OR=.67, females; OR=.48, males).

Receipt of only abstinence education was not statistically distinguishable in most models from receipt of either both or neither topics.

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