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The county's phosphate deposits found in and at the top of the limestone of the Silurian age, put there by chemical replace- ment or secondary deposition by waters bearing phosphate de- rived from overlying phosphatic formations, lie in what are known as the Beech River, Rushing Creek, and White's Creek tracts. Goff razed the flour mill and rebuilt the gin in 1924.

In 1849 a three-mile strip of land from Hardin County was added to the southern border of Decatur, making a total of 221,440 acres of forested hills and rich bottomland covering 346 square miles. Among the other lawyers who have served are Benjamin Carlyle Welch, William Henry Fisher, Landon White, E. Nunnerly, Henry Evans, Vernice Chumney, and James L. He attended medical college at Louisville, Kentucky, and graduated in medicine in 1871 from the University of Nashville and practiced medicine at Bath Springs. Akin served the 47th General Assembly, representing Decatur, Lewis, and Perry counties. J., 49-50 Douglas, Opal, 50 Douglas, Thelan, 50 Dunbar, 57 Duncan Mercantile, (picture), 94 Eagle Nest Island, 61 Elliott, Bill, 50 Elvington, Mary Bruce, 104 England, J. She was a Parsons' girl scout leader for 16 years; a member of the West Tennessee Historical Society; the Peter Houston D. Throughout the county a veinwork of streams drains the bottomland basins made fertile from ages of accumulated sedi- ment deposited by river floods. The "farmer's plight" — either hoping for more rain or for rain to stop — prevailed until crops were finally harvested in the fall. In 1918 Charley Beard was elected and served until 1924 when W. He was born at Sugar Tree, Decatur County, in August 1905, son of Eli Mansfield and Cordelia Harrison Townsend. The largest of the streams is Beech River named for the tremendous amount of beech mash that fell from the beech trees growing along its banks. Bradberry, 50, Ireland William Martin, 23, Kentucky John P. The family kept only what would be necessarv for the winter and sold the rest. Shelled, the corn fed livestock; ground, it made meal to feed the farmer. For domestic purposes, it was carded and spun into cloth. Joe Blount and Joe Odle served here from 1906 to 1910. Decatur Countians Who Served in the Senate William R. and Lillian Thompson Vise, he has served as principal of Decatur County High School, and as county superintendent of schools. Suggested Readings Biographical Directory: Decatur County Members of the Tennessee General Assembly, 1796 — . In 1845, 200 citizens from the west side of the river, led by Samuel Brasher, petitioned for a new county. The bench in Decatur County includes circuit court, chancery court, general sessions court, juvenile court, and city court. Born at Decaturville, March 10, 1891, son of Pat H. The creation of Decatur County from Perry County stemmed from the inconvenience of having the county seat, Perryville, divided by the Tennessee River. DECATUR 119 Others elected were Oscar Lafferty, who served from 1952 until 1954, when he was succeeded by W. Long won the race in 1974 and is serving in the office presently. Benjamin Carlyle Welch served in the General Assemblies in 1917-19-1923, representing Decatur and Benton counties.

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Formed from Perry County in 1845, it is bounded on the north by Benton County and on the west by Henderson County. Freddie, 52 Brasher, George, 85 Brasher, Helen Welch, 47 Brasher, Hester, 46 Brasher, Marjorie Barnette, 24 Brasher, Samuel, 2, 91 Brasher, Troy, 28 "Bray House," 95 Bray, John, 95 Bray, Suzanna, 48 Bridge, Alvin C. A., 38 Carnie, Louie, 25 Carroll County, 35 Carrol ville, 57' Catfish lakes, in county, 28 Caves, in countv, 76-78 Cedar Hill, 20 ' Census of 1850, 9-11 Center Methodist Church, 43 Central Church of Christ, Decaturville, 52 Center Hill, 51 Century Farms, 8 Chandler, Mack, 28 Cherokee Indians, 5 Chester County, 31 Chesterfield, 31 Chickasaws Indians, purchase of land from, 1, 6 Chrisenberry Hotel, 95 Churches, 30-55; deacons of, 33, 36, 47-48, 51; early members of, 33-34, 37-38, 40-41, 44-46, 48-54; other officers, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 46-48, 55; organists, 37, 42; trustees of, 39, 42-43, 49, 53-55; see preachers Churchwell, Henry and Herbert, 61 Ciardy, J. L., 50 Cotham, Lorna Hooton, 50 Cotham, Thomas, 24 Cotham, William, 51 Cotton gin, 12 Countess, John M., 88 County court clerks, list of, 114-115 County judges, list of, 116 County registers, list of, 115-116 County tax assessors, list of, 117 County trustees, list of, 115 Cozette, 19, 113 Craft, D., 3-4 Crossnoe, Mrs. Wesley, 49 Dalton, Jack, 25-26 Daniel, Carl, 25 Davis, Bonnie, 52 Davis, Dock, land of, 35 DECATUR 129 Davis, Shack, 19 Deason, D. She was society columnist for the Parsons' New Leader for 12 years and for 10 years, correspondent for the Nashville Tennessean. C.; Parsons' Order of the Eastern Star; and Fidelia's Garden Club.

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